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Social Smart Shopping is as Big As Now! April 29, 2010

Social Smart Shopping is as Big As Now!



Can you think of a better way to shop then to have everything you need in one convenient location?
Get in and get out is the name of the game!
But if you’re like me and you appreciate the simple things in life like a friendly “Hello, have a great day!” or a wave from a familiar face, then you too will take part in the most efficient & fun shopping experience to hit the existence of our world.
We the people, the doe-errs, the shoppers deserve the best.
BigAsNow.com provides not only any store or brand one click away, but coupons and promo codes for all of your purchases!
Catch up with old friends, and meet new people that enjoy the same things as you. I bet your mom, dad, brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, friend, and anyone in between, even across the globe probably shop at some of the same stores as you do.
Target, Home Depot, Michaels, Circuit City, Toys R Us, American Eagle, Amazon uk. This is just to name a few. Why not shop together. Learn from each other, share reviews of the products. Make products better just by this system.
The pure luxury of having all your favorite stores, shops, brands, and outlets in one user-friendly hub has become a necessity to our busy society. As if it wasn’t already sweet enough, to add a commodity like coupons, and promo codes to discount nearly all of your purchases, while being a part of a social community where everyone wins seems Olympic to me.
Let’s all be a part of the new age Social Smart Shopping experience…BigAsNow.com